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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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at 11:00, firefighters still on the fire line. >> tonight the goal is to continue making progress in constructing a live -- line around the fire. >> residents are feeling it. this is what we know at this hour. more than 3,700 acres have burned. containment remains at 20% tonight. at least 100 homes still threatened. alicia reed is live at the command center tonight with the very latest developements. alicia.
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>> reporter: that's right pam, this fire continues to spread. crews are working tirelessly to get it under control. although there is some progress it's very little because of how much the fire has spread. over 700 firefighters are out on the line tonight. all during 24 hour shifts to cover the fire that has now reached 3,700 acres. one stumbling block is the fire's location. >> the downside is that it's dark out there and the country is very, very steep. very dangerous so some areas we won't be able to get into. but we'll take you know our opportunities where we can get them and secure as much line as we can tonight. and then we'll get fresh crews out there tomorrow morning and they'll keep going. >> reporter: using dozers and hand crews, responders are cutting fire lines around the perimeter but it's going to take a walk to put a control line around that big of a space. >> the line that was put in seems to be holding tonight or getting a little wind test on it right now. so hopefully that will hold. in the morning we'll take another look at it and see how
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things look. >> reporter: great news for firefighters tonight. it's 20% contained. there's a breeze from the west, allowing the to push back on itself. >> once the fire is burning into the wind it tends to push the embers and stuff back into areas that have already burned so they can't go into green fuel and cause spot fires. it also slows down the fire progress so we can get our equipment and firefighters in there to take direct action on some of the flaming fronts. >> reporter: 100 houses have been evacuated on the north side of mount diablo. although the fire line is still not secure up there. some evacuees were allowed back in to get medication and other necessary items. we're told there's a lot of wind up there. so there are firefighters maning the area so that the fire doesn't come down and hit the houses. live in dublin, alicia reid, kron4. help has been coming in from a number of areas to fight
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the fire in mount diablo including a group of inmate firefighters from northern california who are on the scene. >> it's wherever calfire needs us to go and we're dispatch and we're ready to go. the inmates are off terrain. they're physically fit. they do classroom time. >> reporter: a total of 426 inmate firefighters are on the scene. most of them arrived late yesterday and have been ever since. we want to show you a google earth map. there's nasa technology here showing you the fire north. primarily south and east of mount diablo and the elevation and steep terrain really makes fighting this fire difficult from the ground. they're letting it burn in some areas that are removed from where homes and are and evacuation orders are in place for oak hill lane. and the kerry point area. also russell man park road.
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upper trail road lower trail road. east trail road and trail ride home. about 100 homes have been evacuated. there's also road closures, marsh creek road and parts of deer valley road and morgan territory road are also shut down to nonresidents. an evacuation center has been set up at the clayton community center. we're getting a little bit of a break from the hot dry conditions but not from the wind. temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s. as for relative humidity, we're seeing that improve as it always does when the sun goes down. of course we're concerned with the area around mount diablo. you can see the relative humidities again in the 20s and
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low 30s. one thing we haven't been getting a break on is the wind. 42-mile-per-hour gust. sustain winds in the 20s. all the places we're seeing gusts like black diamond, down in mallory ridge. all higher terrain above 1,500 feet. those gusty winds are going to continue tonight. that's going to create a problem for firefighters. winds coming from the west and northwest. that's where the smoke is going to head and making for poor air quality conditions around some of the surrounding areas of mount diablo. the mount diablo fire senting smoke around the bay area. air quality management district says the smoke can affect residents in parts of contra costa, alameda and contra costa county. a smoke advisory kept schools and activities indoors. one school in dublin cancelled outdoor activities. >> they don't want us to go
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outside so the football players had to go in the gym. they're not having runners practice outside. they want us to eat lunch inside. >> reporter: officials have warned all residents in the area to stay inside, close windows and doors and set air- conditioning units to recirculate air indoors. and can a strike be averted before the 60 day cooling off period expires. and just as the president gets ready to press his case to the american people for a 3:@a possible option emerges.
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the united states senate delays a preliminary vote on syria today while many
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lawmakers remain undecided. meanwhile the obama administration questions a push from syria. >> reporter: could we see a game changer in the stand off with syria? >> it's possible if it's real. >> reporter: the issue will the syrian government let the international community control its chemical weapons to avoid a u.s. led military strike? syria said it welcomes the idea president obama weighed in during an interview with wolf blitzer. >> we're going to run this to ground. and john kerry and my international defense team will interact with the russians and see if we can come to an agreement with syria. i think we have to consistently point out that we have not seen
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these kinds of gestures. >> reporter: john kerry tossed out the idea on monday. but russia had already endorsed the proposal. all this as congress returned to continue deciding on authorizer a strike. a new cnn ocr poll shows six of 10 americans against it. meanwhile syria's president sunday said expect anything when asked if there would be attacks in the middle east should strikes happen. to that president obama said. >> that president assad could threaten the united states is not the case. >> the president should address the nation tomorrow and you can see it here. coming up tonight, 11 hours away from an expected release
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from apple. we have a preview. >> and we'll tell you a little bit about jim harbaugh's tv conference. and what else can you see? alba, conrey, alec baldwin whether you want to see them or not later on this newscast. >> the intense fire burning for a second night on mount diablo in the east bay. firefighters working around the clock. more than 700 acres have burned. remains contained at 40%. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. negotiations between b.a.r.t. management and the union started again with just one month before the cooling off period ordered by the governor expires. that's when another strike could happen. today the two sides back at the bargaining table. >> reporter: after almost a full month of refusing to meet. b.a.r.t. management returned to the table to talk safety with atu. the union that represents train operators and maintenance. >> we're trying to get questions answered. information provided. >> reporter: any more optimistic? >> every time we meet optimism is there. it'll take some time but we'll get there. >> reporter: any reason to be hopeful.
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>> hopeful in that when they came to the table they were listening. >> reporter: listening, but there was not much more. just management listening to the union with a response to come at a later time. atu says b.a.r.t. management negotiators said they'll bypass union negotiators and talk directly with union employees. >> we have 945 members to go to the members directly with information that's constantly changing when this is the elected and legally recognizable bargaining team. >> reporter: these issued have to be resolved within a month because that cooling off period expires october 10. that means the first possibility for a possible strike is october 11th. >> we definitely don't want to strike that's not in anyone's interest. but chief negotiator that's what he does. he causes strikes and wants to
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negotiate with people when they're out on strike. >> reporter: for now the trains continue to roll and the parties will continue to meet. b.a.r.t. will discuss supplemental issues with safety. and all parties will meet next week to try to come closer together with financial issues. in oakland. it was three years ago today when the pg & e explosion in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. tonight a small public memorial was held. dozens of people showed up to remember those who were killed and to celebrate the rebuilding that is taking place. one man who lost a loved one in the explosion and fire says he is still angry at pg & e and at state regulators the cpuc. >> mark it is third year when they should be having criminal charges and that slipped through and if someone can murder someone on the street
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and go to jail, i don't see what the difference is when they acknowledge that this has problems. they murdered my girlfriend and 16 other people they should be held accountable. >> 20 families have now returned to the area. but there are still a number of vacant lots in san bruno. the mayor says the rebuilding will continue for quite some time. it certainly was warm out there today. away from the coastline we did hit the triple digits in a couple of plays. it was 100 degrees in fairfield. 102 in livermore. we were also in the 90s. and in the upper 80s in the south bay. 87 in sunny vale. as we head into the overnight hours the fog will be returning mainly to the coastline. for your tuesday it's going to be a lot cooler inland. that sea breeze wind is going to make its way into the inland valleys hoping to cool things down. continued cooling through the rest of the week as the fog
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becomes more established. you can see really here, it's not that widespread. tomorrow morning we're seeing fog through the knot -- north bay. our bay shores extended till about 10:00. then it'll be back to the coastline where it should remain through the afternoon. we could see a few sun breaks coast side but they should not low 50s in half-moon bay. 54 in santa rosa. 57 in san rafael. and the 60s for our inland valleys mild in antioch. 57degrees. low 50s for the south bay into the afternoon we'll be getting into the 80s down south for the low 80s. 83 in san jose. 84 in sunny vale. 82 in palo alto. for the inland valleys it'll be the 90s again. a little relief from the heat. 70s for our east bay shores ranging from the mid-70s in richmond to the upper 70s in hayward. 66 in san francisco.
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low 60s coast side and that fog should provide some relief from the heat in the north bay tomorrow with temperatures dropping into the 80s. a look at your extended forecast. cooler out there, tomorrow away from the coastline. continued cooling into wednesday. temperatures bump up a tad bit to round out the workweek. but we're still staying on or about the workweek. apple is holding its big press event tomorrow. video has been leaked to the web showing a gold iphone and cheaper plastic models that would come in various colors. there's also speculation that apple will enter the smart watch market with the i watch or enter the living room television market with the i tv. apple has confirmed nothing tonight. to find out what apple does show off as it's happening you can follow our tech reporter on twitter he is at gabe slate or you can follow him on
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facebook. he will be attending the apple conference tomorrow. gary has giants, rocky highlights and all the sports ahead.
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evening everybody. giants in pursuit of a strong
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finish. they got it going on tonight on elvis night at at&t park. once upon a time a giant, and right out in front of the plate on tim lincecum. lincecum doesn't cover the plate he just froze. and colorado has a 1-0 lead. but lincecum was good from there. 8innings allowed only a couple of runs. brandon felt the heat to tie the game. brandon belt a hero in the bottom of the tenth to drive home the winning run. it's not like their fighting for world championship but they would like to get out of the cellar and maybe catch colorado for third place in the national league west and in the nl west. posey gets his 15th home run. giants win tonight 3-1. with yesterday's win the shane matthews out of bounds hit is about to become a memory.
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kaepernick threw for 412 yards but of course this is the run everybody wanted to talk to jim harbaugh about today. the penalty called on joe staley was incorrect. bottom line harbaugh having some fun after the win. >> you know i look at it with my own eyes. i could see two punches thrown to joe's head. and one punch and one open slap. which you know that was, if you're going to go to the face, come with a, come with some knuckles not an open slap. >> yeah, harbaugh breathing pretty heavy there. but 49ers in seattle on sunday night. raiders will be a favorite sunday for probably the only time this season when they host jacksonville. the jaguars scored only two
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points and lost to kansas city yesterday. aaron pryor looked pretty good for the majority of the game. he set a record for rushing as a quarterback. when he couldn't connect here late the ball goes into the hands of the indianapolis colts. andrew luck drove them down. they won the game and the raiders distinguish themselves in defeat. >> that's always going to be there. his ability to create his ability to make things happen with his feet. the thing that we judge is, his ability to make good decisions. his ability to throw the ball on time with accuracy. those are the things we want to see. >> houston came from down 28-7 to beat san diego tonight on a field goal. the other game, much anticipated robert griffin iii first game back after a terrible knee injury at the completion of last year. made it back to the field in
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eight months. had a real real rough first half. did finish 30 of 49. 329yards but two interceptions and tentative play allowed the eagles to jump out to a big league. this is sean mccoy rushed for 184 yards. eagles had a big lead. washington scored late. philadelphia though win chip kelly's open 23-27. and u.s. open crowned a champion tonight. we have timberlake, jessica beal. jessica alba thank you. sean connery. here it is nedal wining in four sets. nedal winning his 13th grand slam title. his second united states open. please join me tomorrow at 7:45 a.m. on the morning news. and pam other family members
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